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ResMed AirFit P10 Nasal Pillows Mask & Headgear

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The new ResMed AirFit P10 Nasal Pillows System is the debut mask in the recently launched AirFit series. Consisting of just three simple (and replaceable) parts, the AirFit P10 is quieter than previous masks, lighter than any ResMed other mask system, and easier to use for every CPAP user. The quietest mask yet from ResMed, the AirFit P10 matches the reliability, effectiveness and performance of the ever popular Swift FX but is approximately 50% lighter and quieter!

 The QuietAir woven-mesh vent system ensures that your exhalation port won't disturb you or your bed partner. Clip-in nasal pillows that feature easy to understand color coded sizing and left/right orientation mean that your mask will be ready to wear within minutes of being removed from the package. No complicated parts of instructions - this mask is simple as one can be, while also still being just as effective as your favorite nasal pillows system. Three parts also means that your mask can be inexpensively refreshed or updated with new parts, and it is available in both the standard sizing (shown here) and a petite Airfit for Her version. The best part about sizing is that it can be done in your own home - both masks come with three nasal pillows sizes (this standard size mask comes with Small, Medium and Large pillows) so you don't have to worry about choosing the correct size before you order!

The AirFit P10 provides an interrupted view for watching TV or reading while you sleep and is really so lightweight that you might even forget it's there! A recent study done by ResMed showed that, on average, a P10 mask user got 40 minutes more of uninterrupted sleep per night! Think of what 40 more minutes each night would do for your mood, health, and overall life! We all know that wearing a CPAP mask can tough for any night's sleep, so we're happy to offer the newest innovation in CPAP user comfort and effective therapy

Mask Features

  • Dual-wall Nasal Pillow Technology - pillows that use a patented "trampoline action" to seal on contact with your nose. They disperse air gently and evenly to your nose preventing soreness or redness in the morning.
  • Key-clip Nasal Pillows - Effortless assembly with color-coding for easy sizing and left/right orientation to ensure you can use your mask right away, as soon as you receive it!
  • Innovative Flexi-Tube - Ultra-light and flexible tubing to connect your mask offers you more freedom of movement during your sleep without creating mask leaks while you toss and turn.
  • QuietAir Woven Mesh Venting - A solution to direct exhaled air both quietly and gently so that it's hardly noticeable to you or your bed partner.
  • QuickFit Elastic Headgear - A unique split-strap design provides all-night stability while also distributing the tension of the headgear across two places, minimizing pain or soreness.
  • Lighter and Quieter
  • Three simple parts
  • Comes with three sizes of nasal pillows.

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 62900
Manufacturer ResMed
Mask Type Nasal Pillow
Mask Cushion Type Silicone
Mask Special Features Headgear included, Multiple Sizes included, Replaceable Cushion
Specific Needs Active Sleeper, Claustrophobic
Sizes Available Small, Medium, and Large are all included with this system.
Multiple Sizes Included No
HCPCS Reimbursement Code No
Included in Box Nasal pillows mask, headgear, small, medium and large nasal pillows and user guide.
Prescription Required Yes
Weight No
Other Information Newest available mask from ResMed!


Very Good, but has breakin periodReview by Wol
Overall Rating
This is a wonderful mask. I am a male that uses large pillows. The pillows hurt my nose for about 2 weeks when new and then there is no problem after that. I have used the mask since 2014 and had to replace the headgear part in 2018 and it cost less than $35. This is 2019 and I now have to replace the pillow because after over 4 years it is a little too flexible and I think the neck of the nasal pillow collapses towards the tube on exhalation and creates a sound. I looked around to see if there is a better system, and ignoring the hype, find that I'll stick to this one. Not looking forward to breaking in the new pillow but knowing it will give me 4 years of trouble free sleeping makes it worthwhile. I also got 4 years of use from the headgear, so how can someone abuse it so much that they have to replace it after a few months? This system is great but you need to be gentle with it and understand that, at least for large noses, you may have a couple of weeks of pain before it settles in. Two weeks of pain for four years of gain. A strong buy recommendation. (Posted on 3/12/19)
Wonderful!!!Review by Doris
Overall Rating
This is the best mask and headgear ever! I can watch tv in bed and not have the plastic piece from the other masks in my way, it's light, comfy, and makes me happy.
I love it!!!! (Posted on 2/11/19)
Best mask up to now!Review by CLAUDE
Overall Rating
I've tried many masks and this one is the best one for me. Very light and comfortable. Fits my nose perfectly. Pressure being directly inside the nose and not around help to get around my sinus septum restriction. Only negative comment/concerns is the adjustment of the strap pressure. Not optimal but I managed. (Posted on 7/27/18)
Buy Airfit N10Review by RICHARD
Overall Rating
A piece of junk, buy the N10 instead. (Posted on 12/15/17)
Great pillow but cheap head gear.Review by CLAUDE
Overall Rating
This "mask" is very comfortable for me and finally I can wake up in the morning without my face looking like a busy highway because of the straps. The only aspect that is quite negative is the head gear. Can't be adjusted, can't be replaced without changing the whole kit, can't last for a year. Expensive for bad quality.... Still, overall I prefer it over all my previous masks. (Posted on 11/23/17)
The head strap keeps coming off.Review by Arjun
Overall Rating
Head strap keeps coming off . Not even good for 1 night. Don't buy this mask. It's waste of your money . (Posted on 10/13/17)
Great mask flimsy headgearReview by Alain
Overall Rating
Love the mask but find the short lifespan of the headgear insulting, more like 3 months. At $27 or more depending on your supplier, I think Resmed should have done a better job. Wonderfull for lightness but the strap could be larger, adjustable even and longer lasting.

Resmed, PLEASE DO SOMETHING ! (Posted on 10/4/17)
Nasal Saddle collapses Review by Arthur
Overall Rating
Head gear seems ok, it's the actual saddle itself, it leaks if you move to the fetal position. The nasal apertures collapse, goes flat causing the air to gush in. Saddle itself should be made more stronger. (Posted on 4/18/17)
OuchReview by Tina
Overall Rating
The head gear doesn't allow for adjusting so the nasal pillows are being driven up your nostrils. The base is very firm so this create a slot of pressure on the septum of the nose. I have a slightly deviated septum so one side fit okay but the other one became so tender I couldn't wear the mask after 2 nights. (Posted on 3/7/17)
Great Mask, Bad Head GearReview by Steven
Overall Rating
The mask is great but the head gear is very poor as the straps are not adjustable. I have gone through 4 sets of straps. When you first install the straps they are too tight and cause sores in the nose for about 2 to 4 weeks. Then they loosen up and the fit is great for a month or so. After that they get too loose and start to fall or and leak air after another month. The straps will last 3 to 4 months before they need to be replaced and in that time they only fit good for about a third of the time.This mask with adjustable head gear would be the perfect mask. (Posted on 12/16/16)
Grossly overpricedReview by RICHARD
Overall Rating
The idea is good, very badly engineered and grossly overpriced. Needs thicker Head straps that are adjustable, but then they would last longer wouldn't they. As long as you fools keep buying them nothing will change. (Posted on 12/1/16)
Great Review by Iyad
Overall Rating
I love this Nasal Mask because you hardly can notice it on your face, very comfortable and light. (Posted on 10/28/16)
It works well.Review by Ronald
Overall Rating
The mask is almost perfect for me and comparing it to my swift fx it is maybe a little better in the area of air exhaust disperser.
I find it light weight also with very comfortable pillows.
I was Leary about the head set but it works well.
I usually have my hose behind me above my head and was not really sure how the stationary hose would work, it works well with the cosy hose reels(mask is very lightweight).
The price was also a big issue because I was content with swift fx, Canadacpapsupply had a black Friday sale with 20% off and free shipping sold me to buy.
After I tried the mask I bought another one from Canadacpapsupply with free shipping Christmas holiday and new year sale.
I'm semi retired and have no insurance providers so price is important, I like sales.
Canadacpapsupply has some good prices for someone like me, Thanks again. (Posted on 4/8/16)
The best mask out thereReview by Wilmer
Overall Rating
Great light weight mask. If the head gear stretches out, wash it in warm water and let it dry, it will go back to shape. I highly recommend this mask. (Posted on 3/30/16)
Best headgear so farReview by RICHARD
Overall Rating
I recently purchased the P10 nasal pillow. Thought it might be too flimsy but it wasn't, very light, hardly know it's on. It came with a kit and 3 sizes, what do I do with the ones that don't fit? seems like a waste to me, anyone need a small or large pillow? Also it could be improved with a quick release hose, easier to clean etc. (Posted on 12/9/15)
Nice mask, headgear needs replacing!Review by Gordon
Overall Rating
This is a quiet mask and very light. the headgear may stretch but replacements are available at a reasonable price. Manual says they'll need replacing every 6 months. (Posted on 11/26/15)
Like this oneReview by John
Overall Rating
It's quiet, and light. I have been able to use nasal pillows for a while and liked them so this was just an improvement. Its minimalist and does not imprint the face. While the lack of adjustment on the head strap was initially missed, positioning options of the two straps does allow me to find the right tension for the life of the headstrap. Actual headstrap usable tension may fail too quick, but if that's a cost for minimal headgear i will buy the replacements. I guess cleaning them regularly extends the life of the elastic material. (Posted on 10/22/15)
Awesome!Review by Brian
Overall Rating
Do you have issues with your nasal mask irritating your nose? Does it have a tendency
to get load if you turn your head into the pillow? Hate the straps or the constant adjusting of Velcro straps to get a good seal?
If you answered yes to any of the above, This is your mask!
it is simple, easy to fit, seals comfortably and if by chance you need a strap or new pillows they are available here!
This is my favorite mask ... EVER! (Posted on 4/29/15)
Great mask but....Review by Bill
Overall Rating
The mask itself fits great. It is the most quiet one I have had but....the headgear stretches over time and keeps falling of the head. It they fixed that it would rank up there very high. (Posted on 9/11/14)

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